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What we do With years of domestic and international experience, combined with the creativity and insight of Greece's top young attorneys, Pamboukis, Maravelis, Nikolaidis & Associates law firm provides imaginative, practical and cost-effective solutions to problems and transactions in a cohesive spectrum of legal fields.
Our areas of practice are:

The dynamic of our practice and the specialization of our services is analysed below:

Litigation, International Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods (ADR)

The firm's attorneys have been actively involved with great success in numerous complex national and international litigations, as well as, in arbitrations and mediations. We have participated in the most important cases, in concern of their object during the most recent years, such as the case of OPAP v. Intralot, OAEP v. Mytilinaios and to other important litigations, representing prestigious companies, such as Beechamp (cosmetics).

Our experience is not limited to domestic Courts. Our profound knowledge in international (private and public) and European law allows us to be "strong players" in every international or European jurisdictional forum (International Court of Justice-ICJ, European Court of Justice, European Court of First Instance, European Court of Human Rights). In international level, we have appeared, inter alia, before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for human rights cases, such as the case of the "Former King Constantinos", in which Professor Ch. Pamboukis participated as a member of the defense group for the Hellenic Republic, assisted by our partner Mr. G. Nikolaidis. We have also appeared before the European Court of Justice for cases of considerable importance.

Our international legal expertise allows us to treat all the procedural, juridical and substantial issues of a case, as well as, to make all the necessary acts for the recognition and enforcement of a foreign judgement or award in Greece.

Our unrivalled characteristic is the firm's long-standing experience and expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and our ability to be constantly up-to-date and adaptable to its emerging techniques. Our approach is analysed to the avoidance of litigation in order to have prompt results, to secure the confidentiality and flexibility of the dispute, focusing on the result, on the base of the autonomy of the parties.

  • Arbitration: Involvement as party-appointed arbitrator, chairman, sole arbitrator, counsel and expert to institutional (ICSID, ICC, LCIA, AAA, PCA) and ad hoc (UNCITRAL Rules) arbitrations.
  • Mediation and Conciliation.
  • Neutral Evaluation/ICC International Center for Technical Expertise, Mediation-Arbitration (Med-Arb), Mini-trial.

Corporate and International Corporate Law

-Incorporation, amendment and dissolution of SA's, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships and offshore Companies. Consortiums, Joint Ventures. Drafting of articles of associations and memoranda of Board of Directors and General Assembly. Disinvestments, dividends, stock repurchase. Destructive bankruptcy, liquidation, winding up. Management and control. Corporate governance and issues of corporate tax law.
-Due Diligence. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), MoU's. Lockups and stock deals. We refer indicatively that we have taken part in acquisitions of Companies established in Cyprus by the OPAP and Hellenic Petroleum SA.
-Offshore Entities. Incorporation in all offshore jurisdictions, inter-company transactions, tax motives. We cooperate with the most prestigious organisations for the incorporation and management of offshore or other companies (particularly in Cyprus).

We have the honour to have rendered our services to prestigious and leading companies and organizations, such as Louis Hotels SA, MARMARA SA, The Margi SA in the field of tourist development, to Consultant Companies, such as Deloitte and Kantor SA, as well as to companies, which activate in various domains, such as Druckfarben Hellas SA (industry-inks and paints), OPAP SA (lotteries) and Island Art and Taste-Central (restaurants, bars and entertainment).

Foreign Investments

-Investment funding and project finance. Investment and Trade Law in developing countries and emerging economies. Privatisations of public enterprises. Nationalisation/expropriation of foreign investments. Investment incentives and development process regulation.
-Investment Dispute Resolution in the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).
-Issues of investment insurance schemes, investment risk management and insurance of construction projects. Our prominent clientele consists of Organisations such as the Export Credit Insurance Organisation (ECIO-OAEP), the Multinational Insurance Group Gerling, the Federation Nationale de la Mutalite Francaise (the second Public Insurance Organisation of France).

Energy Law

-Exploitation of energy resources. Privatisations, Mergers and Acquisitions of oil and gas Companies. Tenders for the undertaking of energy projects. Licensing. Renewable forms of Energy Regulation.
-Judicial and extra-judicial settlement of energy disputes. The European Energy Charter Agreement's (ECT) mechanism of dispute settlement.

In the energy sector particularly, we have been trusted by all the relevant Greek leading Companies, such as the Hellenic Petroleum SA (ELPE) or the Public Power Corporation SA (DEI).

International Trade Law, International Business and Commercial Transactions

-International Contracts, applicable law and party autonomy, International sale of goods, consumer protection, protection of employees' interests, exchange control, International agency, property transactions including foreign expropriations and government acts, legal countermeasures to combat unfair trade competition, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and awards, anti-dumbing control, WTO, GATT, multilateral trade negotiations.
-Transactions of goods or commodities on the International markets. Sale Contracts. Contracts of carriage, carriage of goods by sea, sales governed by CISG and UCC. Allocation of risk, warranties and breach, non performance.

Finance Law

Legal duties and liabilities of banks to their customers and to third parties in relation to receipt and payment of money. Project finance, bonds, bonding and syndicated loans. Securities and derivatives. Electronic banking and new structures of banking activities. Credit contracts. Capital transfers. Modern financing Agreements, factoring, forfeiting, leasing. Capital Market Legislation. Portfolio Investments. Venture Capital.

We have represented and advised many of the major banks and financial institutions, such as the Piraeus Bank.

Telecommunication and Mass Media Law

-Transactions and competition in the international telecommunication market. Legal structures and arrangements, networks and services. Licensing of telecommunications infrastructure. Regulation in the context of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). European and international broadcasting regulation.
-Applicable Mass Media Law. Freedom of speech. Commercial obligations of the press. National Radio television Council regulation. The limits of the journalistic inquiry. Radio television and protection of personality rights. The principles of the advertisements in radio and television. Rules of deontology.

A great percentage of our prestigious clientele comes from the Telecommunication and Mass Media sector, such as Netmed SA (cable TV), Eurosport Hellas SA, Fashion TV SA (Sattelite TV), from press and publications, such as TCT Media Group, Okeanida SA, Maniateas SA.

Information Technology and Law of the Cyberspace

-Data bases and computer technology. Private International Law and emerging issues in information technology market. Modern methods of transactions using new technologies. Software agreements. Purchase and use of technology products and services.
-E-commerce. Electronic commercial agreements. Consumer protection.
-Conclusion of Internet agreements. Protection of domain names. Web-sites protection. Web-hosting. Hosting providers. Protection of rights in the digital era.

Intellectual Property Law

Protection of creativity and related rights. Copyright protection of data bases and computer programmes. Trade mark and patent protection. Rights of exploitation. Protection of registered rights. Infringements of intellectual property rights in cyberspace.

Real Estate

-Rendering of consultancy services to financial institutions, banks, institutional investors, hotel and tourist development enterprises, leasing companies.
-Leasing agreements, transfer of real estate property, examination of property titles.

We advise companies which deal with real estate development, such as Lamda Development SA, as well as construction companies for the conduct of the necessary process in order to undertake and complete a project.

Issues concerning foreigners and the Greek Diaspora - The conduct of their legal affairs in Greece

-Certificates' of inheritance issuance and conduct of the necessary process for the devolution of heritage.
-Real estate management, legal service provision for the buying and selling of property and other investments.
-Asset disposition and liquidation.

Legal Opinions

Professor Ch. Pamboukis, partner of the Pamboukis, Maravelis, Nikolaidis & Associates Law Firm, renowned within the legal and academic community, has participated in legal advisory committees on a regular basis (indicatively, the committee for the ratification of the United Nations Convention for the International Sale of Goods - CISG, for privatizations, for corruption in civil matters) and was granted the honor to represent the Hellenic Republic at prestigious International Organizations (such as, inter alia, the EMU, UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT, EU, as a delegate for the Brussels II Regulation, Hague Conference for Private International Law). Moreover, he has drafted numerous legal opinions on various issues of his specialization, which have been followed by the Supreme Court.

Memoranda and authoritative legal opinions are provided also by the other partners of our firm concerning thorny questions, interpretation of statutes and issues of corporate practice in the context of legal consultancy.

Partner Mr. G. Nikolaidis has participated in legislative committees, e.g. in the committee for the transcription of the EC Directive for the consumer sales to the national law.